Live Nation concert voucher request form

Please fill this form only if you want to get Live Nation concert voucher instead of your original ticket(s). The Live Nation concert voucher regulations is available here. The first step in applying for a voucher is to identify your purchase transaction. Please fill the form below. All informations are required. We will contact you for further action as soon as possible. Please provide the data you used to make your purchase.

    Please enter the name you used to make the purchase..

    Please be sure to use the email address that you used to the original purchase. When you purchased your ticket, we sent the order confirmation to the same email address. It is important that this email address matches what you enter here.

    Your order ID is the same as the last eight digits of the 'Confirmation ID' ('Visszaigazoló ID') on the right next to the QR on your ticket. This number is the same for all tickets from a transaction, so you only need to look at one ticket.*

    Please select which concert you have tickets for. If you don't find your event here, you can't request a voucher for your ticket.

    * You can find here the order ID on your ticket